Web Design & Development

Your website often creates the first impression of your business to your customers. Therefore, it is so important to create one which is accessible, compliant and user-friendly. At Astute Media we are renowned for our bespoke website design and our website development.

  • Concept
  • Connect
  • Control

We cater for a breadth of clients, from SMEs looking to promote their business online to large retailers requiring an e-commerce site. Whatever your position, we can create the perfect website for you with the help of our talented web developers.

How do we do it? Creating the perfect website is never easy but we follow these four stages:
First, we have to understand your business and how the website fits into your marketing plans. In particular, how it works as a vehicle for your digital marketing strategy.

This is all about coding, testing and bug fixing. Some would say when the magic begins.

This is where we push the site live, and redirect people from any existing site.

This covers both maintenance and enhancement of the site. Once the site is built, things dont stop there. Your website is a living breathing creature and needs to be nurtured.

Focused on your needs!
We dont use templates or ready made solutions so all of our web solutions can be tailored and focused to achieving your goals. Throughout the process it is all geared to ensuring your website delivers.