Understand Content

Content marketing is all about generating content that appeals to your prospective audiences, customers, or clients. It often serves as the hook to get people looking at you on social media and your website.

The question is though, where do you start in a world full of seemingly endless content streams?

The most important thing is first understanding:

what content marketing is?
why it matters?
how can it work for your business?

During the course of the module we will guide you through the various types of content and how you can make and generate content of your own that is relevant to your business and Brand identity.

You will learn the three key areas to improve your digital marketing and equip you with the tools to create a content marketing strategy and undertake your own social media audits both of which will provide you with an effective toolbox to inprove your online presence.

Utilising these skills and S.M.A.R.T goals we will help you understand more about posting on social media and start to build your confidence in social media platforms and content marketing.

You will also take away a wealth of skills and templates to help you develop blogs and other types of content and we will even show you some useful tools if you get stuck for ideas including creating evergreen and educational content.

Finally, we will dive into SEO basics and best practices and provide you with an insight into how your social media and website content will make an impact to where your business appears in the Google search results.

Our Content Marketing training module is a half day interactive work-shop experience that will provide you a wealth of tools, strategies, and best practices to implement into your business.

You will even get a certificate so that you can proudly show off your knowledge to colleagues and clients!

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